We are so lucky to live in Melbourne. What other place in the world has little pockets of their city dedicated to different regions around the world, where you can go and quite confidently get a slice of authenticity almost every time? I say almost, because we’ve all had that one time where a hybrid cuisine of unknown countries has been dished up to us. Nonetheless, all this reminiscing and feelings of content got me thinking; what shall I report on next? I believe it appropriate to report on some sort of restaurant/café/pop up shop as I am supposed to be ‘Taste Testing Melbourne.’

 photo 3

Now, I have a confession to make. Or perhaps I should say obsession. I am head over heels for a little place called Dee’s Kitchen, located in Dromana, on the Mornington Peninsula. You see, I may be biased as I like to call Dromana home, but boy oh boy does this place wow me every time. If you’ve never stumbled across the peninsula, I highly recommend making a weekend of it, with an array of activities to try – my favorites being strawberry picking, wine tasting and getting lost in the beautiful beach side.

I have to say, I’ve dragged every friend, family, stranger I know to Dees and not one person has been disappointed… well except for my dad, who thinks that if a place doesn’t offer white bread, eggs and bacon it’s not worth going to. So don’t take his opinion! Dee’s has a simple, minimalist layout and design, but manages to draw you in immediately with a display of sweet and savory dishes that get me salivating now while thinking about it!

According to the owners, Dee’s is‘where mid-East sophistication meets Mediterranean flair in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula’. The unique ingredients used in their menu, such as buckwheat toast, Chevre, and my personal favorite, harissa, give a new meaning to both breakfast and lunch. And if you weren’t already sold, their deli offers a range of salamis, chorizo, local cheese and my pick, Levito bread…mmm sourdough.

 So what can you actually eat there? Dee’s offers quite an unconventional breakfast menu that leaves you thinking, why don’t more places do this! The menu features a ‘Sweet Start’ section as well as a ‘Something Savoury’ section. Although I’m normally a sweet tooth, I usually find myself ordering something off the savoury list. A difficult decision at the best of times, the clear standouts for me are the ‘Delicately Smashed Rosemary Potato & Pumpkin served with poached eggs, crispy pancetta & pepperonata’, ‘The notoriously Warming Shakshouka- baked middle eastern salsa with spinach & chevre, topped with 2 poached eggs, served with the house pita’ and the ‘Avocado & Chevre’ Smash served w/toasted sourdough & roquettephoto 5


Ummm, should I just stop now? Are you already on your way?

 The whole ambiance of Dees makes me giddy every time – as you can see I love it. The staff are great and always bubbly, the place is located a stones throw away from the beach, and the food…well I think I’ve done that justice. So really, what more are you waiting for – Why are you still reading? With the long weekend coming up, making a weekend out of it and head down, I promise both the Mornington Peninsula and Dee’s Kitchen will not disappoint!

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 photo 4


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