About Me

Hello, my name is Emily and welcome to my blog ‘Taste Testing Melbourne’. My hope for this blog is to share my love of food and nutrition with you all. I am forever eating out in Melbourne and am continuously drawn to new and old cafes and restaurants that pop up in beautiful Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.


I am twenty-two years old and come from Melbourne, Australia. I have recently finished my undergraduate degree of Food Science and Nutrition at Deakin University and am now heading to Latrobe University to begin my Master in Dietetic Practice. My friends and family continuously encourage my passion of food, part of me believes this is just because they want more of my cooking, but they have insisted I start a blog several times. So, here I go!

Cinnamon Scrolls

I would describe my cooking style as unprocessed, quick and easy. Being a Uni student I have little to no time to cook, so when I do it results in creative combinations that are generally made up on the spot. Also having studied Nutrition and now dietetics I enjoy making all recipes packed to the brim with whole grains, whole foods and fresh ingredients.

Banana Bread

I hope your visit to my page is fun and you leave inspired! But most of all, I hope my reviews make you leave the house salivating, my recipes delicious and my nutrition knowledge somewhat insightful.

Emily X


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